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Why you should use Trezor hardware wallet and which model to choose

Why you should use Trezor hardware wallet and which model to choose

November 06, 2018 Have you been thinking about withdrawing your crypto funds from an exchange into someplace safe? Do you have doubts about the security of your mobile wallet? Are you considering investing a large sum into cryptocurrencies, but you are worried that somebody might steal your private keys? The answer for all of these questions is simple: Trezor.

No matter which model you choose, it is the safest option on the market

Trezor hardware wallets offer the most safety the crypto world can offer — regardless of whether you use a Trezor One or a Trezor Model T. This remains true if you connect them to your supersecure personal laptop or a shared computer in a public library. “We have tested some other hardware wallet brands, such as Ledger or KeepKey, but Trezor impressed us the most. We have been using Trezor One since its launch in 2014 and it has been six months since we started testing Trezor Model T. You might think that there is no substantial difference between the two models. However…”

Trezor One is a product, Model T is a platform

The original model was created as a single-purpose device and is now firmly established as the golden standard of hardware wallets. Model T is meant to be a platform with broader future use cases and possibilities.

Trezor One

Why you should use Trezor hardware wallet and which model to choose

If your only aim is to keep your private keys safe and you do not expect the device to do anything else, we recommend the simpler and cheaper model — Trezor One. Its price has recently gone down by almost a quarter, allowing you to get a top-quality hardware device for a reasonable and affordable price. “At first, I felt like Trezor One was too simple — it was just a small device with a plastic case and not-so-modern design. However, I soon found out that the real value was within. I have compared it to competing products (Ledger and Keepkey), and the result was always the same — Trezor is one step ahead. Thanks to Trezor, I can sleep soundly without worrying about my crypto.”

Trezor Model T

Why you should use Trezor hardware wallet and which model to choose

If you want to use your Trezor often, you want to enjoy added security and comfort of a color touch screen and you want to use additional features (such as MicroSD for future storage of encrypted passwords and somewhat more extensive coin support), you might want to invest in the new Trezor Model T. Additionally, it is also noteworthy that the Model T design appears to be much more robust and durable.

Specifications of the individual models

According to the official documentation, the main difference between the two models is the touch screen, SD slot and more supported coins in Trezor Model T. If you think about it, it is rather convenient to have local storage for you encrypted passwords (instead of storing them in the cloud). Not to mention the additional security of the touch screen that enables you to enter both PIN and passphrase on the device itself, without revealing it to the computer you are connected to. Both models offer Trezor Password Manager. Although extremely safe and easy-to-use, some might prefer less secure, but more practical, online password managers — carrying your Trezor device every time you want to log in somewhere is just a bit too much sometimes.

The list of supported coins is not so different, but the extra support in Model T might be crucial for certain users. Both models support more than 700 coins and tokens. Although the list of coins is very similar for both models, Monero support in Trezor Model T is a huge pro. Monero is an entirely anonymous cryptocurrency with cheap transactions (the recent Bulletproofs upgrade has decreased the transaction fees by impressive 97 %). If privacy is one of your core values (regardless of whether you have something to hide or not), Trezor Model T is the device for you. Trezor One might get Monero support one day as well (see this tweet), but we are not sure when. Let’s keep out fingers crossed!

Development roadmap

The Trezor Roadmap is a planned calendar of firmware updates. The following is a screenshot taken from the official Trezor Wiki page:

We are excited about the Monero Support, for which we have been waiting for a long time. However, it is important to note that it is not going to be native support in Trezor Wallet, but merely an integration of Trezor and the Monero Wallet.

Trezor international reputation

Trezor is frequently discussed in various international news portals and forums (Forbes, CoinDesk, CNN and more). Trezor One was the world’s first and original hardware wallet co-developed by the same person who founded the first Bitcoin mining pool — an impressive accomplishment for a small country like the Czech Republic. The user interface of the web application Trezor Wallet is available in multiple languages and displays your balances in multiple world fiat currencies. This is handy when doing calculations in your native currency.

Using Trezor is intuitive and the Support Team is excellent (not kidding)

The initial setup is simple and only takes a few minutes. Whenever you feel lost, you can contact the Support Team — they react very quickly (we have tried). In case you manage to lose or damage your device, you can recover it using your recovery seed. In case somebody steals your hardware wallet, they will not be able to use it, as it is protected by a PIN, which is extremely hard to brute-force thanks to multiple security measures.

“User-friendly interface, available in my language, top security. Thanks to ERC20 tokens, your Trezor can protect more than 700 cryptocurrencies. Not to mention that there are not many companies where the CEO responds to comments and question on social media. The only problem is that it is not compatible with iOs (Android only).

Trezor One Verdict:

✅ A piece of hardware tested by time (since 2014) ✅ Affordable (the price has gone down 23%) ✅ Extensive coin support (full list available here) ✅ Regularly updated and maintained firmware ✅ Light and sturdy — made out of high-quality plastic material ❌ Feels a bit cheap at first sight You can get it on shop.trezor.io in black or white for less than 84 EUR (VAT included).

Trezor Model T Verdict:

✅ Premium product from a trustworthy European manufacturer ✅ Modern USB-C port ✅ Robust design ✅ Stylish look (including a handy magnetic dock) ✅ Larger coin support ✅ Platform — many possible future functionalities ❌ No USB-C to USB-C cable in the package ❌ The screen is a bit small for people with large hands (not a big deal though) Trezor Model T is available on shop.trezor.io in black for 180 EUR (VAT included).

Keep your coins safe

The safest way to get you Trezor hardware wallet is directly from the manufacturer at shop.trezor.io. To find out more about the two models, visit Trezor Wiki. Enjoy your new security and HODL in peace! :) For more information, contact press(at)satoshilabs.com #HardwareWallets #Trezor #Wallets View this post here {link}



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